A lot of people today find it unfulfilling of take up skilled trade as a profession. Most of these skilled trades are conventionally earmarked for women. Though the case is quite different in the western nations, this attribution of gender bias is prevalent in the other part of the world. Most of the skilled trades are taken up by men, especially the ones who have less to no educational background. Some of the quick examples of skilled traders are plumbers, carpenters, electricians, architectural and metal technicians, masons, construction craft workers and many others.

Plumber’s trade

Most of these jobs are performed by illiterates and people who have least chances of finding an alternative profession. Common people who belong to the middle class and upper-class categories do not even know how to handle most of the issues relating to plumbing or electrical appliances. One such skilled trade is plumbing. Let us see how this trade works and what it takes to become a plumber.

Plumbers are trained diagnosticians. Most of us do not even know who a diagnostician is. A diagnostician is anybody who is trained to diagnose the problem of a person, place or a thing. Doctors, lawyers, auditors, teachers, and engineers are diagnosticians at the professional level whereas plumbers, electrician, masons, etc. are diagnosticians at the labor level.

How difficult is plumbing trade?

  • Most of us see plumbers as domestic helpers. It is only partially right. The job of a plumber starts at a domestic level, but it doesn’t stop there.
  • Plumbers are also Doctors. Sorry, no offense but that’s how I see them. They are environmental doctors. They help in finding solutions to problems, treat them and provide a remedy. They organize the society and keep it neat and clean. They mend the dirt and troubles of the society and turn them healthy.
  • A plumber should never reach a point of saturation. He has to tolerate a lot of dirt and garbage. He has to work ignoring the stink that always travels with him. Above he has to tolerate people who treat with no respect and put his dignity to test. Now a plumber cannot grow impatient because that’s how his job is designed and thereby he shouldn’t be complaining.
  • Most of us do not know that plumbers can decipher a house plan and tell you where the problem lies. They are more knowledgeable than we presume them to be.
  • A plumber is no management graduate. But his work demands management skills out of him. He has to be quick in making decisions. He has to make sure that is decisions do not harm the people who are going to reside in that building, and he has to be alert and attentive. He is also expected to have time-management skills and technical knowledge.